You are Vital to Our Ability to Help Those in Need.

Every volunteer position provides a genuine service to those in profound need. Get involved, and we know your spirit and your community will thank you. No matter what your circumstances, if you have a little extra time, there is no better use for it than to benefit children, youth, and families who need you.


You will gain experience working with children and families from diverse cultures, and help them adapt to their new country and culture. You will work in an environment that encourages creativity and independence-we invite your ideas and personality. Your hours will be flexible and depend on your schedule. You will have the opportunity to provide support to children and families in transition. You will leave a lasting memory with people who will grow from your service. We believe in heart and the human spirit. We believe both are boundless, and that you will discover in yourself abilities you never knew you had. Begin with a kind heart, where you are, with what you have, and convince a child or a family that they are not alone, and they are worthy of love and belonging.